Multimedia-Guide xpedeo
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Multimedia-Guide xpedeo

MediaGuide Haus der Geschichte
  • brilliant high-resolution touch-screen
  • audio-, written- and visual-articles
  • games and interaction
  • information in user-defined languages
  • GPS-based guidance in open terrain and eye tracking detection technology
  • innovative WiFi positioning guidance in exhibition rooms
  • location-dependent contents e.g., automatic map or page changes when a new area/room is entered
  • evaluation tool to analyse behaviour the of visitors
  • current information about events and special offers
  • maintenance and updating of contents by the museum employees
  • web-based content management system
  • robust body with neckband and integrated headphones

Simply fascinating
Experiencing museums with eyes, ears and fingertips:
By lively segments, videos, animations and games.

Fascinatingly simple
The contents of the multimedia tour can be easily extended and updated through a web-based content management system.