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xpedeo Mediaguide

With xpedeo media guide, visitors hold the knowledge of the museum´s collection in their hands…

Imagine you’re in a new city standing in front of a tourist attraction or museum exhibition. Now imagine you have an expert at hand who reacts immediately to the touch of your finger, able to answer any of your questions in detail.

The expert is xpedeo, a media guide which accompanies visitors through museums and tourist attractions, describing exhibitions and presenting information in more detail. xpedeo supplements and extends existing information in multimedia form with text, pictures, graphics, audio, music, video, animation, 3D simulation, games and navigation. Visitors spend their time as they like – browsing and discovering, or letting the expert show them around. xpedeo is intuitive and easy for all age groups to use as it has only two main navigation keys.

Nationalparkzentrum Eifel: Wildnis(t)räume

Eifel National Park

In an area of around 2.000 m² xpedeo describes the fascinating flora and fauna of the local countryside in the “Wilderness Dreams” exhibition. xpedeo also provides information via a specially designed user interface for visitors with impaired sight, or in sign language for those with impaire...

visitor with guide


Working World Exhibition

xpedeo navigates: WiFi positioning - Ideally positioned in the working world. xpedeo helps visitors get oriented and guides them through the wide range of information. Using our WiFi positioning we make it effortless to navigate the exhibition´s two floors. Visitors see themselves as dots on our...

Young visitors with guides

Sonnenwelt Großschönau

Visitors embark on a multimedia-based, individual journey through the time.

picture of the Hardenburg today

Hardenburg Castle

Augmented reality at the ruins: xpedeo shows the virtual reconstruction of the fortress castle  from the visitor's perspective.


A guide from kids for all people!

Kunsthalle Bremen

xpedeo connects: art and technology - young people as digital curators.

Based on our prizewinning computer game “Vom fehlenden Fisch” we have developed a mobile method with the Kunsthalle Bremen to excite young people about art and technology which is supported by smartphone.

The children’s symbol shows that additional information is available.

Stadtmuseum Münster

The two children Mimi and Mitri break out of their painting and take young museum visitors on a multimedia expedition through the museum.

dddddddddRundgang mit der Magd durch die Schlossruine Hardenburg
ccccccccIntro Kinderrundgang "Von Sonne und Erde" in der Sonnenwelt Großschönau
HighlightführungArbeiten und Risiken am Selfaktor (Videobeitrag DASA Arbeitswelt-Ausstellung)Websaal (Audiobeitrag DASA)Staub (Audiobeitrag DASA)


xpedeo on mediaguide and tablet
xpedeo on mediaguide and tablet

Information for everyone – without barriers
xpedeo is for anyone: whether it be through sign language videos, inspiring audio guides, for computer novices or “highlight hoppers”. xpedeo is available in a number of languages. more



Whichever you prefer

Just wander through or have a guided tour? Tour by numbers or using a map? With or without beacons? Various methods of navigation can be combined: keep all visitors happy and let them choose if they prefer to get information about exhibits via a conventional numeric keypad or by using room panoramas.



The contents of the multimedia tour can be easily extended and updated via our web-based content management system additor.

There is no additional installation of software needed, a simple internet browser is sufficient.

Apropos: our content management system is used by a lot of established clients like EADS, KAEFER Industries, IG-Bau, Max-Planck-Institut Bremen, Hochschule Augsburg, various museums and also a lot of education- and research-institutions. more

Content Management System additor


Do you know what your visitors are interested in?

How do they move within the exhibition? Are there any preferred walking paths? Which exhibits act like magnets, and why are others barely perceived? How much time do visitors actually spend in your exhibition halls?

Our evaluation software EVA enables you to answer this and many other questions. The behaviour of visitors becomes comprehensible and statistically analysable. more

EVA neu