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Evaluate and optimize

Our complexe evaluation software can be easily implemented in our multimedia guide xpedeo. This additional value is striking: by collecting anonymous location data, your institution gets important information on routes and interests. But this is not enough: the length of the visitor’s stay in front of an exhibit, the time he listens to an audio/video track, the time he stays in the museum can be tracked as well.

Each visitor decides in advance if he wants to take part in the evaluation. No personal data is stored! xpedeo stores the visitors ways through the exhibition with an exactness up to one meter. This is a milestone in evaluating exhibitions: there is a direct link between the exhibition conception, the quality of the information provided by the museum and the vsitors use of it. If the visitor does not agree tot he evaluation, he can use xpedeo’s positioning tool all the same: as part of the multimedia guide – without storing it to the evaluation software.

Graphical Presentation

Your staff can simply read all information from a graphical „heat map“: visitors preferred routes, the length of stays in front of exhibits. And of course all data can be shown as tables and exported as reports.

The rankings generated by xpedeo give information about the most popular descriptions and how long visitors attend to a track. The results get even more detailled with voluntary statements about the visitors age and gender.

All the different evaluations can be generated on individual periods of time. By this, you can for example evaluate temporarily changes within the exhibitions architecture.

Evaluation tool Eva
An example evaluation of routes taken through the History Museum of Baden-Württemberg. The most popular points of interest are immediately made visible: green indicates a short viewing time, and red a long one.