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Nuremberg’s medieval dungeon

xpedeo talks - telling history in stories
xpedeo talks - telling history in stories

Nuremberg’s medieval dungeon in the basement vaults of the Nuremberg town hall show an authentic image of medieval jurisdiction. Since the 14th century, this ghast­ly place was used to keep prisoners until their execution.

MediaGuide mit Navigationshinweis

A visit to Nuremberg’s medieval dungeon provides an authentic insight into the inhumane conditions of medieval prisons. Previously this was only possible with a guided tour. Thanks to indoor navigation it is now also possible for individuals to visit the site themselves.

The main focus of the project was the development of the multi­media content. The tours are greatly dramati­cally enhanced by the audio clips developed especially for the media-guide. Different protagonists can have their say: A condemned robber tells of his spectacular, successful jailbreak. Prominent inmate Veit Stoß com­plains about the scars inflicted on him during torture. The prison guard’s wife scolds at the burden of cleaning the cells.

video in sign-language

History is told in stories. And it is available in Ger­man, English, Italian and Spanish. In order to make this cultural heritage inclusive and accessible to even more people, the guided tours are also offered in Ger­man ­easy- and ­sign-­language.